110 Years of Caring For Our Community

We have been making a difference in our community for over 110 years, one patient at a time. It started with the determination of The Four Brooklyn Ladies in 1907, and today we pride ourselves on continuing their work. Every day we provide our patients and their families encouragement on their road to recovery, respect when we enter their homes, compassion through their journey and, when we can, happiness at their bedside.

Wherever and whenever a difference can be made, we have been there. Our value is simple. Caring is Doing.

Our stories of caring speak for themselves.

Celebrating 100 Years of Dignity

When faced with the challenges of aging, sickness and recovery, maintaining one’s dignity can keep the spirit healthy. Read More

Young Woman and Man Wearing a Breathing Tube Kiss One Another

Chris was shocked to learn he had a rare form of renal cancer that couldn’t be treated. No 25-year-old ever expects to need hospice. With just months to live, he turned to MJHS for his care. He wound up inspiring the world. Read More

Four Founding Women of MJHS Known as The Brooklyn Ladies

110 years ago, four courageous women in Brooklyn saw people in desperate need of care and loving kindness. Determined to do something, they made it their mission to change what they saw. Read More

Elderly Couple Holds Up a Drawing

Life at 25-years-old is often different from how you experience it at 85-years-old. Especially as you age, you want to be around people who care about you, listen to you, understand what you’ve been through, and treat you with respect. Read More

MJHS Patient and Veteran Surrounded by Family Holds Certificate

Retired Capt. Epstein is an inspiring hospice patient who was recently honored by the MJHS Hospice community for his incredible service to this country. Read More