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The Power of Determination

Four Founding Women of MJHS Known as The Brooklyn Ladies

The Four Brooklyn Ladies

One hundred and ten years ago, four courageous women in Brooklyn saw people in desperate need of care and loving-kindness. Determined to do something, they made it their mission to change what they saw.

The women knew change wasn’t going to be easy because the challenges were so vast. At the turn of the 20th century, the poor flooded the streets of New York City. Illness was everywhere, and help was scarce. So these four women — Sarah Webelovsky, Emma Rosenthal, Sarah Berlin and Flora Grodin — focused on their community and cared for those who needed help.

The Four Brooklyn Ladies went door to door seeking charitable support for their vision. They were resilient. They were passionate. And, most of all, they were determined.

In 1907, their determination paid off. Based on the values of compassion, dignity and respect, they formed an organization to provide quality health care and a loving place to call home. And so began the story of MJHS Health System.

For 110 years, these values have guided us every step of the way. Although we’ve grown from caring for dozens of patients to thousands, our mission to provide the best care and comfort possible has never wavered. Since 1907, the organization has expanded from one small building among the tenements to one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the region that provides home care, a center for rehabilitation and nursing care, palliative and hospice programs, a research-based institute for innovation in palliative care, as well as health plans. Many MJHS Health System programs and services are aided by grants from MJHS Foundation, which is supported by private and corporate donations.

Today and every day, The Four Brooklyn Ladies inspire.

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