MJHS has proven expertise in helping patients recover from hip or knee replacement surgery, stroke, spinal cord injury or any other orthopedic or neurological conditions that effect mobility.

Get on the MJHS Road to Recovery!

Our rehabilitation program will help you regain the skills and confidence you need to live safely at home, avoid rehospitalizations and remain engaged in your community, all from the comfort of your own home.

The MJHS Road to Recovery Rehab Program provides:

  • Critical rehabilitation services provided by licensed physical and occupational therapists and speech language pathologists
  • Comprehensive evidence-based treatment plans
  • Aggressive, individualized goal-setting to help patients reach their peak mobility and activity levels
  • Culturally sensitive services
  • Home safety and accessibility evaluations with environmental modification recommendation

Our specialized rehab program focuses on:

  • Orthopedic care and mangement
  • Medically complex conditions
  • Neurological disorders and stroke
  • Improved strength, balance, mobility and coordination
  • Relearning essential skills, such as bathing, dressing, walking, stair climbing, balance, and cooking
  • Learning to use equipment such as walkers, canes, wheelchairs and other ADL devices