The MJHS Veteran Liaison Program

An essential component of our We Honor Veterans program is providing patients and families with a Veteran Liaison to support their needs and assist them with accessing veteran benefits and entitlements. As former service members, they speak the “language” of other veterans and share their expertise, vet to vet.

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Our MJHS Veteran Liaisons Partner With Veterans And Their Families To: 

  • Develop a personalized plan of care that meets their unique needs and honors their service and support.
  • Educate them about benefits and services they are entitled to but may not know about.
  • Advocate with the Veterans Administration (VA) and Veterans Benefits Association, helping to cut through red tape in accessing benefits and services.
  • Coordinate and conduct recognition ceremonies to show appreciation for their service.
  • Introduce them to veteran service organizations that can provide additional support.

Facilitating Access To Veteran Benefits

Understanding how the VA works and completing benefit applications can be overwhelming. Our liaisons help guide veteran patients and families through the process, easing their stress and providing peace of mind by; 

  • Helping families obtain separation papers, survivor benefits, death pensions, veteran compensation benefits, burial allowances, and military funeral honors. 
  • Supporting veterans who received a less than honorable discharge due to LGBTQ+ status, military sexual trauma, traumatic brain injuries, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and assisting with filling out and filing applications to access the New York Restoration of Honor Act to have both their honor and state veteran benefits restored.

Helping Service Members and Their Families Find Peace at the End of Life

While we cannot change the past, we can help patients make peace with it, allowing for greater comfort in their end-of-life journey. If signs or symptoms of PTSD, depression or anxiety are observed, our team of providers can connect patients and families to counseling support services.

Many veterans have shared that interventions and support from our care teams have enabled them to speak more openly about traumas and hardships experienced during their service. In creating a supportive, comforting and safe space, veterans often share deeply held and lasting memories of their service that they did not speak of before. This helps our veterans obtain peace. Our commitment to veteran families doesn’t end with the passing of a loved one. We provide bereavement and grief support for up to 13 months following the loss.

Care Wherever Needed

MJHS provides hospice care in various settings. At home, assisted living communities or various nursing homes and hospitals throughout New York City. 

This program, like many others we provide, is supported by grateful families and our community partners. Please consider supporting the MJHS We Honor Veterans Program, so we may continue to offer this valuable honor to our patients.

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