Alternate Hospice Care Settings

Although receiving care at home is an ideal choice for many patients and families, it is not
the only option. If your symptoms become unmanageable at home, MJHS is contracted to
provide our specialized hospice services throughout the greater New York area in various
hospice residences, inpatient units, skilled or assisted living facilities and hospitals. In order
to continue to receive hospice services from MJHS-HPC in any of the care settings, you
must be at an MJHS-HPC contracted facility.

Hospice Residences**
In cases where home is not the optimal care location, a specialized hospice care residence may
provide an alternative place to best meet all your medical needs while providing a home-like
setting and a place for you and your family to spend quality time together. Some of our hospice
residences have private patient suites with separate bedroom, living area, kitchenette and a
welcoming area with family lounge and dining room.

Inpatient Units
There are some circumstances when the patient’s symptoms cannot be controlled at home
and there is a need to have a specialized team provide a General Inpatient Level of Care in an
inpatient unit. This setting provides the patient with 24/7 support to help ensure the peace and
comfort of the patient. Inpatient units can be located within a hospital or dedicated hospice
setting. Once your symptoms are stabilized you are expected to return to your residence.

Skilled or Assisted Living Facility**
For our patients who are already living in a skilled or assisted living facility, our hospice team
can work with the facility to coordinate the best Plan of Care. Providing hospice care at a
skilled or assisted living facility does not take the place of the facility’s existing staff. We
supplement the facility’s care and coordinate between doctors, nursing staff, the patient,
family and others to ensure you are always comfortable and your needs are being met.

Patients who are extremely ill may receive hospice care in a hospital setting. Our hospice team
will work with the hospital staff to ensure your comfort and will closely monitor you. When your
condition stablizes our hospice team will work with the hospital discharge planner to create a
Plan of Care in the appropriate setting.