Advice and Information About Hospice Care

The decision to seek hospice care is an important and personal one. Below is some helpful advice and information to help you during this time in your life.

Hospice Care Home Visit

Learn More About Hospice Care - Article

Does Medicare Cover Hospice Care?

Does Medicare cover hospice care? It seems like a straightforward question. Unfortunately, many family members discover that it’s challenging to find a simple answer when they start researching the Medicare benefits their loved ones are entitled to. We hope we can help.

Two Senior Women Comforting Each Other

Advice and Information About Hospice Care - Article

What to Say to a Loved One Who is Dying

Hospice care can be an uncomfortable topic for many families. Find ways to ease the conversation with your loved ones today.

Father describing pain to his son

Advice and Information About Hospice Care - Article

Helpful Tips for Describing Pain

Pain is very subjective, and it is essential to recognize that no two people experience pain in the same way. This article will provide helpful tips on getting a loved one to describe their level of pain.

Mother and daughter reviewing photo album together

Advice and Information About Hospice Care - Article

9 Tips for Visiting Someone in Hospice

There are things you can do to bring comfort and joy to a person in hospice. We pulled together the following tips from the hospice nurses, social workers, and clergy at MJHS Health System.