Caregiving Advice and Information

Nurse giving advice to a patient

This section includes tips and advice that we hope can be useful during your caregiving journey.

Caregiving is a journey that is often started with the best of intentions and hopes. Some of us are thrown into it, and others saw it coming miles away. Regardless of how it began, one thing is consistent-Helpful advice and information are always welcome.

We address essential aspects, such as balancing caregiving responsibilities and touch on harder ones, like what to say to a dying loved one.

Contact Information

If you or your loved one are not a patient of MJHS and would like information about our programs and services, you can contact MJHS via our online form or by calling 1-855-692-5058.



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Tips for Caregiving

If you are providing unpaid care to a frail family member or friend with a serious illness and are performing some or most of the following tasks—you are in a caregiving role.

Daughter comforting mother during group therapy session


Caregivers Have Rights Too: A Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

So much energy and attention go into being a caregiver that we often forget about ourselves and our own needs. We often need to be reminded that we have rights as caregivers.

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Balancing Caregiving Responsibilities

Caregiving can have a significant impact on your life. Balancing your caregiving responsibilities and personal life is key to being a successful caregiver.