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Laura Gold. Social WorkerIf you have any questions regarding MJHS or MJHS Home Care services, please call us at 1-855-370-8317
If you are a hospital or physician and would like to make a referral to MJHS Home Care, we can be reached at at 718-921-8800 or click here to make a referral online.
If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Looking Forward to Home

December 19th, 2010 by admin

Looking Forward

“With MJHS Home Care, I’m surrounded by people who know me, encourage me and treat me with dignity,” adds Andres. “My team has given me the best gift in the world…the support I need to stay healthy!”

Dialysis can be draining, both emotionally and physically. And after five years of waiting for a kidney, Andres was at a tipping point. With his health deteriorating and morale declining, the MJHS renal transplant team was asked to intervene.

This began a pioneering collaboration between a university medical center, its team of transplant physicians and MJHS Home Care. Their one goal; to keep Andres alive while he waited for his new kidney and get him safely back home.

Using every available resource, MJHS nurses motivated Andres to better manage his diabetes and other chronic conditions. After time, his body became healthier, producing a wonderful side effect… optimism. By the time his life-saving kidney arrived, Andres was truly ready—physically, mentally, emotionally—for the operation that changed his life.

Before the surgery, MJHS  nurses monitored Andres’ health and visited him at the local clinic. MJHS social workers connected Andres with community services that he would need. And members of the MJHS renal transplant team taught Andres and his wife the vital dos and don’ts of post-procedure care.

By the time Andres went home, MJHS Home Care  had everything in place. Andres and his wife were given easy-to-follow daily living instructions. Round-trip transportation to critical doctor appointments was pre-arranged. And a high-tech pillbox was delivered to his home. (It flashes when he needs to take life-preserving medicine and calls his wife when he forgets.)

“I’ve been on a physical and emotional roller coaster for years,” says Andres. Today, my body is stronger, my mind is more confident and my heart is really happy. With MJHS Home Care, I’m surrounded by people who know me, encourage me and treat me with dignity,” adds Andres. “My team has given me the best gift in the world…the support I need to stay healthy and return safely home with my family!”



A Story of Love and Trust

December 18th, 2010 by admin

A Story of Love and Trust

Couple in wheelchairs with woman

The Casanovas rely on two constants: their love for each other and their trust in Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care.

Anthony and Ruth Casanova like to hold hands and enjoy Menorah’s breathtaking ocean views. But it is for the physical and emotional rehabilitation that they’ve come back—four times.

When Ruth, 82, first arrived after a hip replacement, she was in pain and couldn’t walk. By the time she left, “she actually walked a little faster than before surgery,” says daughter Linda. The physical and occupational therapy she received at Menorah let her resume dancing with her husband Anthony. “He was my present,” Ruth says serenely, when asked if he brought presents during visits.

Ruth returned to Menorah after a stroke in which she lost use of her left side, and much of her speech. She cries to recall it—but brightens quickly. The caring and expert staff at Menorah helped restore her speech, critical for a woman who loves bantering with her husband and 19 grand- and- great-grandchildren. She was able to regain use of her arm and walk with help, a huge improvement that required encouragement from the staff and unbelievable commitment from Ruth.

Ruth came back yet again after she broke her other hip.

Then: shock. It was her husband’s turn. Anthony broke a shoulder in a fall. Of course, he turned to Menorah for his rehabilitation. Seeing Anthony, a familiar member of the staff warmly said: “Hey, what are you doing here?” This time, Ruth took Anthony’s hand and comforted him as they watched the ocean together.

The Casanovas rely on two constants: their love for each other and their trust in Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care.

Family, Comfort, Peace

December 17th, 2010 by admin

Family, Comfort, Peace

An African-American family

This is Joseph, Jacob, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Tabitha and their mom, Sharon. It’s a lovely family photo, but an abnormal one. To the left is the MJHS social worker who helped them do something no family should have to. She helped them cope with the fact that their son and brother, Jonathan, only nine years old, was dying of cancer.

The whole MJHS Hospice team played a critical role in helping all of them, Sharon says. The social worker, Khatima, brought in the MJHS Creative Arts Therapist. Matthew had the kids make puppets, thumbprints, and Jonathan’s favorite … trains. Via the art, he had them releasing feelings they shouldn’t bear alone, and holding on to feelings, like happiness, they should. He encouraged them to share their art with Jonathan when he grew too weak to participate, so he would remain engaged.

MJHS pediatric hospice nurse Wanda was another “blessing,” says Sharon. “She made sure everything was in place.” She fed Jonathan when he resisted. With a doctor’s aid, she kept him pain-free. Seeing he was “getting ready,” Wanda arranged for everything Jonathan needed so that Sharon could focus on her son. Sharon wanted all of the children to be together when the time came, so that Jonathan could die unafraid.

That is what happened. After five months of hospice, Jonathan died in his mother’s arms surrounded by the siblings he loved so much.

Resource Center

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Nurse smiling at patient

Resource Center

Finding simple health information can be difficult, so we’ve tried to make it a little easier.

About MJHS

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We’ve Built one of the region’s most expansive health systems, one patient at a time.

What was true in 1907,  is still true today. Each patient is unique-each medical condition, each family situation, each cultural background.  We meet each patient where he or she is-medically, emotionally, spiritually and logistically- to deliver the most personalized care possible.

MJHS surrounds each patient with a full range of health care services, from quality home care, to elderly care at our adult day care center. Our centers for rehabilitation and nursing care have been called the gold standard for modern rehabilitation and nursing care, our palliative care specialists are leaders in effective pain management. And, as pioneers of end of life care in New York, we continue to provide the most innovative hospice care for both adults and children.

As their needs change, our patients and families always receive the finest medical care available, so they can enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

At MJHS you can always count on us caring every minute, of every day.