Grief and Renewal After the Loss of a Holocaust Survivor

Join us for a six-part virtual discussion group hosted by Dr. Irit Felsen, PhD on “Grief and Renewal After the Loss of a Holocaust Survivor”

Children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors often respond to loss differently. Our six-part series will address how this unique lifelong issue has shaped our lives, and will help us answer: What happens now? How do you reconcile your loss when you have been focused on your loved ones for so long? How do you carry out the legacy for your loved one?

Please listen to the pre-recorded sessions below!

Dr. Irit Felsen

Irit Felsen, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Six-Part Series Overview

Adults Sitting Around A Table

During the first session you will introduce yourself to the group, and say a few words about the loss you experienced. Dr. Felsen will provide a framework of the six sessions.

Wall Of Photographs

During the second session, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings about the process leading to your loss, and talk about how you reacted to this loss.

Gentleman With His Daughter

During the third session you will have the opportunity to share photos of your loved one and to speak about the dynamics of the relationship you shared.

Man Raising Arm To The Sky

During this session you will be encouraged to explore feelings related to your autonomy and potential guilt it caused. Also discuss regrets about decisions taken or not taken.

Family Sitting Together

You will be encouraged to examine how your views of marriage, intimacy and relationship with your own children has been colored by the unique dynamics related to the Holocaust.

Candles On A Shelf

The last session will conclude with a summary of key takeaways and provide helpful resources and conclude with a ceremony of remembrance.