Long-Term Care


A World of Services with the Warmth of a Small Neighborhood

As a resident of Isabella, one can enjoy the robust array of services that a large center can provide but with a small, tight-knit family feel.

Everything we do reassures the caregivers that their loved ones are in skilled, secure, helping hands. For more information about any of our specialized care services, please contact our admissions office at 212-342-9245 or send us a message.

Our Isabella Center offers the experience of living in a community where residents and staff cultivate the deep bonds that come from knowing each other very well. Families and loved ones also play an important role in shaping the life of our community.

It starts with our Social Services Team who manages all aspects of life and keeps a finger on the pulse of everyday life. Meeting with residents, family members and staff on a regular basis, they ensure that specific needs are being met and expectations are being satisfied.

Our Care Team works closely with each resident and family to devise and implement a customized plan of care that will meet clinical, social and psychological needs while taking into account individual preferences or limitations. Depending on each resident’s needs, our Rehabilitation Therapy Team will develop and supervise a customized plan to enable the resident to gain optimal functionality.


Our activity programs are quite varied, offering a wide range of stimulating social, cultural and educational programs.

The spiritual needs of residents are also very important. Pastoral Care at Isabella offers a wide diversity of services and programs to meet each resident’s denominational needs and preferences.

We know that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we also offer specialized care for residents who are living with dementia, are dependent on a ventilator or need help managing symptoms due to an advanced illness. We also offer Respite Care for caregivers who are unable to provide care for short periods of time.

Our Services


Isabella offers a safe, caring environment for adults at all stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Our dementia program is nationally accredited by Comfort Matters and is an award-winning program that encourages personalized care for residents with dementia. This program includes offering individualized dining experiences, culturally sensitive programs, flexible bathing and living schedules, 24-hour visiting options, etc.

Our therapeutic programs make the most of each individual’s physical and cognitive abilities, imparting a sense of security and self-esteem. We encourage residents to join in a wide range of day and evening activities, from group cognitive games, to dancing, to one-on-one sensory stimulation and aromatherapy. We also hold supervised cooking classes with the participation of the residents’ personal caretakers as well as professional staff. Our personalized music therapy program provides an opportunity for residents to relive memories of enjoyable past experiences.


Isabella has two home-like rooms, each with a private bath, dedicated to Respite Care for adults who need skilled nursing care for a short period of time.

These adults can benefit from a Respite Care stay of up to 30 days in our warm, caring environment, while the caregiver receives time to tend to his or her own life, family or business.

Isabella’s staff will develop an individual care plan that includes medical, nursing and other services, as needed.

Both private pay and Medicaid participants are welcome.

To qualify, the individual must:

  • be age 18 or older
  • be under a physician’s care for chronic or acute medical illness
  • be medically stable and free from infectious disease
  • provide a current medical history and results of a recent medical exam

There’s a good reason that our “vent unit” has been named “Breath of Life.” It’s not the respiratory support equipment, it’s the attitude of our staff and the gratitude of our residents and their families.

We have been providing ventilator and respiratory care for over 25 years. Our objective for residents in Ventilator Dependent Care is to gradually wean them from mechanical ventilation to independent breathing. Working closely with Isabella’s rehabilitation services, residents are encouraged to do exercises that may help them use oxygen more efficiently. Our weaning rate is over 50%.

We have 36 certified ventilator dependent beds, 40 respiratory transition beds and a specially trained interdisciplinary team of professionals to treat, monitor and assist each resident. Our staff consists of two board-certified pulmonologists. Our certified respiratory therapists provide comprehensive respiratory care.

Highlights of our 24/7 Ventilator Dependent Care include:

  • Portable vents: allowing movement away from the bedside and participation in our newly renovated Center for Rehabilitation
  • Non-invasive testing: techniques for accurate measurement of blood oxygen levels without having to draw blood each time
  • Speech and swallowing expertise: to evaluate each resident’s specific conditions in order to retrain their abilities to speak and swallow and provide devices to restore these functions to maximum level
  • Rehabilitative services: to encourage exercises that help residents use oxygen more efficiently
  • Therapeutic recreation specialists: to provide music that adds sensory stimulation

Isabella’s Palliative Care program offers comfort and support to residents who may be living with a serious or chronic illness. Our Palliative Care Team works with the resident and family to provide an individualized program that will offer relief from pain and other debilitating symptoms. Our goal is to ensure that the resident experiences the highest possible quality of life — free of pain and discomfort.

Isabella’s Palliative Care Team consists of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, rehabilitation and recreation therapists, and pastoral care professionals. Volunteers also play an important role in assisting with our Palliative Care efforts. Together, the Palliative Care Team works with each resident and his or her family to develop a plan of care that is perfectly suited to meet each resident’s needs.

Palliative Care helps everyone. Family members, staff and volunteers all benefit from the communications and support that the Palliative Care program provides.

Participants in our Palliative Care program can expect the following:

  • Expert treatment of pain and other symptoms
  • Consistent and clear communication
  • Knowledge and guidance in making appropriate treatment choices
  • Emotional and spiritual support


From the wife of an Isabella Nursing Home resident:

“It has been such a terrific experience…dealing with staff at Isabella. I cannot stress enough how wonderful everyone was. It truly felt like being ‘with family.’ The nurses and CNAs took time to make sure that every pillow was placed the way Bill liked it and their patience was outstanding.”

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