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Support the MJHS Emergency Response Fund

In the past few weeks, MJHS has spent more than $1 million on securing personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff, providing all non-essential employees with the technology to work remotely, as well as ensuring our most vulnerable and alone patients have what they need to stay as healthy and independent as possible.

And now we need your help. Please donate today to our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

We are hemorrhaging money at a previously unimaginable rate.  We can’t…rather we won’t…stop providing vital health care programs and services to vulnerable New Yorkers. A contribution from you, however, will help us stem what can only be described as an alarming reality. In a show of support, the MJHS Boards of Directors will match your gift!*.  Your contribution will allow us to:

  • Help hospice patients and their caregivers who face financial hardship.  Especially now, the safest and healthiest place for a hospice patient to live is at home.  Forcing a medically-vulnerable person to move elsewhere because they can no longer pay rent, utility or food bills is unconscionable.
  • Support our front-line staff who are among the most at-risk to COVID-19 exposure and also suddenly without child care, or fully-stocked personal protective equipment (PPE), and facing transportation difficulties. Our front-line, especially at our nursing homes and hospice residence, is more than physicians, nurses and social workers. It’s also chaplains, music therapists, aides, maintenance crews, security, dietitians, and so many more behind-the-scenes people who help make it possible for us to provide compassionate quality care.
  • Adjust in real time to changing needs. Due to the limited availability of personal protective equipment, we are sourcing gear from around the world.  Unfortunately, we are one of thousands of organizations that has an urgent need.

Per New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s orders, non-essential staff is telecommuting from home. Therefore, we urge you to make your gift online today.  However, if you are unable to donate online, please allow for a delay in check deposits and acknowledgements. You can still reach us at [email protected] or (212) 356-5300.

One final ask…

Please take a moment to post a note, poem, drawing or even song of encouragement to our clinicians on any of the MJHS social media pages. You can find us at @mjhs01. Be sure to use the hashtag #cheeronMJHS, too. If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, feel free to upload a message here.  Your donation and words of support will help us address medical needs, uplift dedicated staff, and stem our significant financial losses.

Please take good care of yourself and everyone you love. We look forward to celebrating the end of this global pandemic with you.


Linda Schur Scalettar
Chief Development Officer
MJHS Foundation

*Gifts up to $21,000 will be matched.