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Isabella continues to do all that we can to help ensure the safety and well-being of our residents and staff in the face of this unprecedented crisis and also continues to follow state and federal guidelines for infection control.

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About Ventilator-Dependent Care

Are visiting hours limited to the Ventilator Dependent Unit?

There are no set visiting hours on the Ventilator Dependent Unit.

Does Isabella provide protective garments?

Yes, Isabella provides protective garments for visitors to the Ventilator Dependent Unit if the medical situation warrants.

About Respite Care

Can my family visit while my parent is in Respite Care?

Yes, family members may visit at any time.

How far in advance should I call to reserve Respite Care for my parent?

We request that you contact Isabella’s Admissions Department two to three weeks in advance of the need for Respite Care so that proper preparations can be made for the respite stay.

How is Respite Care paid for?

Medicaid and Private Pay are the most common means by which Respite Care is paid. You are encouraged to speak with our Admissions Department if you have further questions regarding payment for Respite Care.

About Short-Stay Rehabilitation

Does Isabella provide outpatient rehabilitation?

No, short-stay and long-term rehabilitation at Isabella is only available to residents of the nursing home and clients in our Adult Day Health Care program. Residents of Isabella House and those living in the community may receive care from local rehabilitation centers.

For more information about any of our specialized care services, please contact our office at 212-342-9245 or send us a message.

    About the Nursing Home

    What insurances do you accept in the nursing home?

    We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay and certain HMOs. Our Admissions Department can answer any questions you may have about insurance.

    If I don’t qualify for Medicaid, what then?

    Our Finance Department will work with you on financial options that may be appropriate to your situation.

    Does Isabella accept applicants requiring psychiatric care?

    Isabella does not have a dedicated unit for psychiatric care. Applications for individuals with a psychiatric history will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Are the rooms private or shared?

    Most resident rooms are shared, accommodating two residents. Some private rooms may be available but are subject to a waiting list.

    Is there a different rate for a private room?

    Rates are the same whether the room is private or shared.

    Do your Social Workers speak Spanish?

    Yes, most of our Social Workers speak Spanish. Many of our other staff members speak Spanish as well as other languages.

    What are your visiting hours?

    There are no set visiting hours. Visitors are welcome at any time. Staff will provide guidance as to which hours are best for each resident.

    Does Isabella provide renal dialysis?

    Isabella does not have an on-site renal dialysis capability. Residents who require renal dialysis should continue care with a nearby Renal Dialysis Center.

    Are personal belongings such as photos, radios, etc. permitted for use by nursing home residents?

    Isabella’s resident-centered care encourages residents to personalize their living space in ways that encourage comfort and support. Items must be safe and appropriate in size for the space available. Small TVs (19″) and other home entertainment equipment may be permitted but must be inspected by Isabella’s Maintenance Department to ensure safety. Our Resident Services Coordinator will provide assistance concerning questions on which personal items are appropriate.

    What security measures does Isabella have for residents?

    Isabella values the freedom of everyone while also attending to the safety and security of each resident. Where appropriate, residents may wear a “Watchmate” which provides an immediate notice to staff if the wearer wanders into an unexpected or unprotected area. Staff accompanies the resident back to safety. There are no locked resident floors at Isabella. Security measures are in place at all times.

    May someone bring a pet to visit someone in the nursing home?

    Yes, you may bring a pet to visit a resident of the nursing home, provided that you have the prior approval of the Social Services staff.

    About Isabella House

    Are the apartments furnished?

    Our freshly painted apartments are unfurnished. Residents of Isabella House are expected to bring their own furnishings.

    How much does it cost to live at Isabella House?

    Studio and one-bedroom apartments include rent and services as described on the website. Rents are moderately priced and start at $2,400 per month.

    Is a security deposit required?

    A one-month security deposit is required.

    Is there a lease?

    Residents sign a one-year lease.

    How often and by how much is the rent increased?

    Rate increases are done on an annual basis. They are modest and are generally tied to a cost of living increase.

    Does Isabella House provide subsidized housing?

    Isabella does not provide subsidized housing.

    Can I bring my pet to live at Isabella House?

    Yes, pets are permitted. Pets can be a source of joy and comfort. However, residents’ pets must be appropriate in size and behavior to the environment. Pets must not be disruptive or dangerous to the safety and security of any of the residents or staff. Residents who wish to bring pets to live with them in Isabella House must comply with the Isabella House Pet Policy.

    I am independent now, what happens if my health declines?

    Over time, needs may change. Residents of Isabella House may require home care services from time to time and are free to engage private home care services on their own as circumstances require.

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