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Thank you for choosing MJHS to provide you and your loved one with the necessary support and care to live each day as comfortable as possible.

We want everyone to feel confident when in our care, that is why we have prepared this library of useful resources for our patients and their caregivers. You can find answers to common questions and read useful tips like how to make your home safe when  a loved one is coming home from the hospital, and how to manage pain. While we cannot always be physically with you and your family, we are just a phone call away. If you need immediate support you can reach us at:



Home Care


If you or your loved one is not a patient of MJHS and would like information about our programs and services please call us at:

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A Caregiver’s Guide

Being a caregiver can be both rewarding and challenging. This section will provide some helpful caregiving information and tips regarding some of the symptoms you may encounter when taking care of your loved one.

Caring For a Loved One at Home

The home is commonplace to provide care for a loved one. Whether you are helping them get back on their feet after being released from the hospital or helping them manage a chronic or terminal illness—we know you are dedicated to giving them the best care possible. In this section, you can find resources to help you on this journey.

Helpful Tips for Describing Pain

Pain can have a severe impact on someone’s quality of life. It can affect mood, sleep and interfere with daily activities. Pain is very subjective, and it is important to recognize that no two people experience pain in the same way. This section will provide helpful tips on getting a loved one to describe their level of pain.

Planning in Advance for Your Medical Treatment

Ensure that your wishes about treatment will be followed by planning in advance. This section includes resources to help make sure your wishes are known.