Supportive and Specialty Care Programs

In addition to your interdisciplinary care team, your loved one may also be eligible to receive a range of supportive and specialty care services. Below is a list of some examples of supportive care programs provided at MJHS Hospice.

Older man sitting on a yellow couch with a volunteer playing chess

Supportive and Specialty Care Programs - Article

How Volunteers Can Help Caregivers

Providing hospice care is a team effort. And volunteers, along with their Volunteer Coordinators, are an integral part of this effort.

Candles Neatly Lined Up for Vigil

Bereavement - Article, Webinar

Grief and Renewal After the Loss of a Holocaust Survivor

Children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors often respond to loss differently. Our six-part series will address how this issue shapes our lives.

Patient being guided through music therapy

Supportive and Specialty Care Programs - Article

The Role of Art & Music for Patients with Dementia and their Families

Visual art, music, and literature make the world we live in worthwhile. Enjoying the Arts enriches people's lives with dementia and gives them a creative outlet to express their emotions. Learn about the Role of Music and Art Therapy doe people with dementia.

Veteran Taking Part in Ceremony

Supportive and Specialty Care Programs - Article

Meeting Veterans Special Needs at the End of Life

Veterans deserve end-of-life support from a care team that knows how to support, uplift, and addresses their unique and unspoken needs. Unfortunately, the strength that served them so well when on active duty often prevents veterans from asking for help. Learn about how MJHS Hospice goes the extra mile for veterans in our program.